Group Walks


90 Minute Adventure Walk

With our adventure walks, your dog will enjoy the freedom of exploring Vancouver's beautiful trails and beaches, while making lifelong furr-iends. All of our walks include an on leash & off leash component, ensuring our pack doesn't get over stimulated, while also allowing us to work on basic obedience techniques, including but not limited too; recall, sit, stay, heel. 



90 Minute Adventure Walk.....$35

2nd dog, same household.....20% off

No group walks during the evenings, weekends or stat holidays.

Walk Schedule

 Pick up between 8am-9am

Pick up between 11:30am - 1pm

We cannot guarantee exact pick up drop off times. 


  • Demonstrates good recall

  • Basic leash manors 

  • No history of aggression

  • Spayed/Neutered

  • Up to date on all vaccinations 

  • Licensed with the City of Vancouver

  • Able to ride calmly in a car