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Private Walks

Our private walks are done in your neighborhood, one-on-one with a designated walker. This service is suitable for elderly dogs, reactive dogs, those recovering from an injury, are not spayed/neutered or simply those who prefer to walk alone.

About the walk

On the day of your dogs scheduled walk, your walker will pick up your pet up from a determined location (home, office etc) and do a neighborhood walk, fully customized to suit dogs individual needs. Our private walkers are not certified trainers, however, they are happy to reinforce any training you are working through to help the process, as we understand consistency is key for success. 

Whats included?

  • Pick up/Drop off

  • Daily walk report & photos

  • Towel off at drop off 

  • High quality treats 

  • A dedicated walker


  • No history of aggression

  • Basic leash manors
    (for the safety of your pet and our staff)

  • Licensed with the City of Vancouver

Because our walkers are not certified trainers, we may suggest working with a trainer prior to walking with us, to ensure your pet is receiving the most suitable option for their overall wellbeing.

Walk schedule & Rates

All walks are scheduled in 2 hour time blocks as followed:

  • 8am - 10am

  • 10am - 12pm

  • 12pm - 2pm

  • 2pm - 4pm

$35/ 30 mins

$50/ 60 mins

Prices do not include gst.


If you have a preferred time within a time slot, we are happy to put a note on your profile. We cannot guarantee we will always hit that exact time, but we guarantee we will be there within the time slot.

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