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Pet Sitting (in your home): Service

Overnight Care

Having your human away is stressful enough, nevermind moving into a new environment with unfamiliar noises and smells. Our pet sitting service allows your pet to be surrounded by the familiarity of their own home, which can help ease the adjustment process drastically. 

Pet Sitting (in your home): List

What to expect?

This service is modeled after a typical 8-4 workday schedule. Your pets will be alone 6-8 hours during the day, then companionship in the evening, and overnight. The next best thing to you being home yourself.

Whats included?

Includes a minimum of:

- Late afternoon / dinner pet care routine (Walk, potty break, medication, dinner etc.)
- Overnight stay + nighttime potty break

- Morning pet care routine (Walk, potty break, medication, breakfast etc.)

- Regular house Maintenace - bringing in mail, taking out garbage, watering plants.

Full disclosure: Our sitters like to spoil the pooches with extra adventures when time allows. You may even come home to freshly baked sourdough!



Overnight house-sitting starts at........$100

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