Private Walks

Socialization is a key component for all dogs, but we understand that group walks aren't always a one size fits all solution.  Our private walks are done in your neighbourhood, one-on-one with their walker. This service is suitable for elderly dogs, reactive dogs, those recovering from an injury, are not spayed/neutered or simply those who prefer to walk alone

Group Walks

Our group walks are perfect for the pup who likes to make friends while also getting exercised. We offer 60 minute Urban Walks as well as 90 minute Adventure Walks, which allows us to accommodate the needs of all of our furry friends.

Boarding (in our home)

Going away can be stressful on both you and your pet, let us help ease the stress by welcoming your furry loved one into our home as if they were our own. We will do our best to accommodate your dogs regular schedule, to ensure their stay will as is all comfortable as possible! All of our boarders are dog owners themselves, so your dog will have plenty of doggy socialization, in addition to their daily walk adventures.

Pet Sitting (in your home)

Having your human away is stressful enough, neverminded moving into a new environment with unfamiliar noises and smells. Our pet sitting service allows your pet to be surrounded by the familiarity of their own home, which can help ease the adjustment process drastically - especially for puppies and seniors. We will do our best to accommodate your dogs regular schedule to make this transition as comfortable as we can!

Stay Pooched reserves the right to refuse any dog, included but not limited to those with aggression, un-neutered/spayed or poses a risk to other pets/people. Dogs must have basic training to participate in group walks, we cannot walk dogs with any tendencies that may disrupt the walk or interfere with other dogs/people during our walk