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North Vancouver

The wait is over!!! We are now servicing North Vancouver ! Our services cater to the needs of your furry companions, providing neighborhood walks and mountain hikes. Your pet is in good hands with us, and we'll send you after-walk with photos and important details of their adventure!

Private Dog Walk

Potty Break: $25

30-minutes: $35       

60-minutes: $50       

We know that every dog is special, and we’re here to offer private walks tailored just for them!


Our one-on-one walks are done right in your neighborhood or nearby trailhead with a dedicated walker who will give your dog all the attention they need.​ Whether your furry friend is elderly, recovering from an injury, reactive, not spayed/neutered, or just prefers some alone time, we will personalize their service to ensure it is perfect for them. If you are working on any specific training, let us know and your walker will be happy to follow your training schedule to help their overall development.  After their walk, your walker will send a retailed reports & photos recapping the visit!

For more information, visit our FAQ page


Pack Walk 

 $45 per walk 

For the social explorer! We pick up your dog in our dog mobile and take them, along with up to 5 compatible friends, to the trails of West Vancouver for 90 minutes of off leash adventuring. We carry valid city permits & license's to allow us access to the designated commercial dog walking trails. We prioritize safety by carefully selecting dogs based on compatibility and energy levels. Dog must present strong recall. Our hike is 90 minutes, but you can expect your pet to be out of the house 2 - 4 hours with travel time.

For more information, visit our FAQ page


Buddy Hikes - Coming Soon

Our buddy hikes are a great option for dogs who prefer a smaller social circle or are working their way up to our pack hikes. During these hikes, we focus on recall training, loose leash walking, and trail etiquette within a group setting. We have valid permits and licenses for commercial dog walking trails in West Vancouver The hike lasts 60 minutes, but your pet will be out of the house for 2-3 hours including travel time.

For more information, visit our FAQ page


House Sitting

Starts at $120/night

Being separated from your human can be quite stressful, and moving into a new environment with unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells only adds to the anxiety. Our house sitting service emphasizes the importance of keeping your pet in the comfort of their own home. By staying in a familiar setting, your pet can experience a much smoother adjustment process, as the surroundings provide a sense of security and familiarity that eases their stress. We only take one client at a time, ensuring we can follow your pet's normal schedule and minimize their stress.


You'll receive daily updates with photos, videos, and a summary of their day, ensuring you feel as comfortable as your four-legged family members while they are in our care!

For more information, visit our FAQ page

Ready to get started?

Step 1 

After clicking the "Sign Up" button, fill out the form that appears with your details. Our team will then review and approve the form.

Step 2

Once your form is approved, you will be sent an email like to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation. In this consultation, we will talk about the services you desire, your pet's behavior, and scheduling requirements.

Step 3

Following our call, Time to Pet will send you an email to activate and finalize your client profile. Once your account is complete, we will contact you to confirm your meet and greet.

Step 4

We will meet in front of your home for a brief walk around the area, giving you and your pet the opportunity to become acquainted with your walker and for your to exhibit their behavior.

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